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Frequently Asked Car Accident Questions

  1. If I have an accident, do I need to stop?
    1. Yes. Always stop and make sure to follow the steps below:
      1. Make sure no one is severely hurt or needs immediate medical attention.  If so, call 911 and get help to the scene immediately
      2. Get a police report.  This will help with the insurance company and getting your claim attended to.
      3. Exchange information with the other driver
      4. Get as much of this info as possible before leaving the scene:
        • Note the exact time and place of the accident.
        • The other driver’s name, address, date of birth, and telephone #.
        • Their driver’s license # and expiration date of the other driver or drivers if there were multiple involved in the accident.
        • The other driver's insurance company.
        • The other driver's car make, year, model, license plate # and expiration date, and vehicle identification # (“VIN”).
        • If the driver is not the owner, you will need to get the owner’s name, address, phone # and insurance company.
        • The names, addresses, and telephone # of any passengers in the other car.
        • The name, address, and telephone # of any witnesses who may have seen the accident. If they are not able to wait for the police, get them to write down what they saw before they leave.
        • If you are not able to get someone's info at the scene of the accident, then write down their license plate # so they can be found at a later date if needed.
        • Draw a simple diagram of the accident and how it happened.
        • Take pictures of the accident scene, including the intersection, vehicles, skid marks, road conditions, and any other helpful info that can be used later.
  2. Do I have to report the accident to my insurance company
    1. Yes.  Always report the accident to the insurance company, but do not say anything more than what is on the police report.  What you say can and will be used against you by the insurance company to avoid paying your claim
      1. We can help you with your claim and are able to help in many ways that the average person is unable to know.  We have years of experience helping drivers get fair compensation for their accident and injuries.
  3. I was not injured in the accident, do I still need a lawyer?
    1. Yes.  Not all injuries show themselves in the body right away after the accident.  You could still be surging with adrenaline and your body has not returned to its normal state for you to feel the pain.  It is best to get treated within a few days and no later than a week after the wreck to make sure you have no permanent injuries.
  4. If I am at fault in the wreck, is there anything you can do for me?
    1. Unfortunately not.  If you caused the wreck you can still get help through your insurance, but we are unable to help you get damages from the other driver's insurance because you are at fault.
  5. The other driver did not have insurance can you still help me?
    1. Yes we can still possibly help you, by filing a claim against your own insurance.